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This is the third largest city by population in Nigeria and is also the capital city of Oyo State. This city is third after Lagos and Kano and is situated to the southwestern part of Nigeria. It’s one of the major transit points between the coastal region and the area to the North. Ibadan has a rich heritage being that the first European settlers were missionaries. The first university in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan was started as a constituent of University of London.

There is something special about Ibadan city and the singles in this city too are special people. They enjoy the mix of European influence and the Yoruba culture makes it a nice and interesting place to find a single to date. You can find the native Yoruba single men and women who are ready to mingle and love. You can also find non-native Nigerians whose forefathers came from Europe and now have become Nigerians. There is a lot of diversity in Ibadan dating scene that you can’t miss out on.

We have researched and developed a platform that will connect you with serious men and women who are hot, beautiful, handsome, and with curvy figure and look that drives your emotions. We have spent countless days working on this platform, putting our skills and experience into work. Regardless of where you are based in, whether in Ibadan, Lagos, Kano or any other place in and out of Nigeria and would want to meet these singles, this is the place to be. We bring you all the singles in Ibadan, both the natives as well as the foreigners, African and Non-Africans alike. This is an excellent place to meet the great men and women of Ibadan city.

You can trust what you find on our website. We have a strict policy on fake profiles. Each profile is vetted and verified before being live. Any suspected profile results to withdrawal from the site, and in turn leads to its investigation. All profiles plus the pictures in our site are real and not photo shop pictures as others may think. You will not waste your time joining since you’ll walk out with a perfect match of your taste and preference.

When filling your profile, have the peace of mind with the assurance that no one can access your personal data from our website. No scrapping software can penetrate and extract contacts form our website and no hacker can pass the security and privacy controls we have put in place. We don’t run campaigns using contacts which we get from this site and neither do we sell the contacts. You will be charged nothing when you use our platform. You’ll only need to spend time defining your preferences and uploading nice picture and even videos about you.

Our platform makes it so easy to communicate with other singles. There is a messaging feature which you can use to send email. You can also like other people’s photos since they will be alerted, and in turn, they will view your profile. Join today and enjoy life with these Ibadan singles.

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